Interview with the great children’s book writer, artist and planet champion, Ruby Roth!!

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Ruby Roth is a critically acclaimed children’s book author, artist, teacher, and planet & animal champion extraordinaire! When we heard about her latest book for the “littlest of herbivores” we knew it would be a game changer for the younger generation that will be the future leaders of our planet. On the heels of her first two books,  Vegan is Love and That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals, Ruby’s latest creation is V is for Vegan.  At the end of the interview we will randomly choose three of your comments to win a copy of V is For Vegan. (must be in the continental US).

Talking Tofurky: Tell us about your latest book and who you wrote it for?

Ruby: V Is for Vegan is a bright, happy, rhyming alphabet book for the youngest veg audience to date! It contains just 26 ideas that every person should take into consideration if we are to protect animals, our health, and the planet to the best of our abilities. I promise your kids will light up with laughter—and learn at the same time!

Your website has a tag line that states ” Love Deeply, Think Critically and Act Responsibly”.  We love that. Can you expand on the “Think Critically” part? What do you mean by that?

Thank you! I think a vegan education teaches a person to question, delve deeper, and think for themselves. If you are thinking critically about your choices, you fully consider the options and consequences, and must own and take responsibility for your actions. This kind of education lasts a lifetime!

We know you have a rock star boyfriend and step daughter as well. Can you tell us a bit about them and their work in the world, and being a vegan family. What are your joys and challenges living as a vegan family?

Thank you! My longtime boyfriend is urban artist Justin Bua <> who has been vegan over 17 years! He turned me vegan, in fact. His daughter is 8 years old, born and raised vegan. She’s super healthy, a phenom little athlete, the most aware-of-the-world child I know, and can carry on a conversation about veganism and it’s benefits with anyone! Veganism is one of the things we all bond over—whether it’s at our bi-weekly farmers market, eating together, or the conversations we have about this life on earth!

Do you feel hopeful about our children’s future? Do you feel like we can turn things around and have a peaceful, non-violent society in your step daughter’s future?

Ruby with her students and fans

Ruby with her students and fans

I know that we have a huge hand in the future through our kids. I know that through veganism and all that it encompasses we’ve already given my stepdaughter, for example, an education that will last a lifetime. She won’t be a plunderer of the earth in her profession, she won’t ever be tricked by Big Ag marketing, and she’s not afraid of being the only one in a group to do what she feels is right. That’s a very different kind of person from the people in power now whose moral compasses are ruled by profit. I don’t know what we’ll see in my lifetime, but I know we can change the world in one generation!

How do you respond to adults who state that children are too young to make a decision to leave animals off their plate, and that they need be older to make such a significant decision.

I say we can not afford to wait for the next generation to grow up before we teach them to live consciously. You only need to look at the health trajectories for the average American to see that the standard American diet has failed and should be disqualified! A parent should jump for joy if a kid decides to eat more fruits and vegetables! It’s up to the parent to do some research and realize that veganism is not the standard American diet minus meat and dairy. We have our own “pyramid” with everything we need and more!

How do you deal with the backlash and unreasonable people attacking you and your message of love, compassion and kindness?  How do you stay centered in love when people are very defensive and argumentative  for trying to live a kind and compassionate path?

Well, firstly, love isn’t always pretty. My staying centered in love sometimes means having a heated discussion, it sometimes means feeling anger and deep sadness.  I think that’s completely justified for all of us. But face to face with opposition, I aim to remain strong but polite. I am perfectly confident in my know

ruby faceledge of veganism and its benefits for all—no one and nothing anyone says can change what I know about the animal agriculture industry. One of the wisest men I know, Rabbi Mordecai Finley, says “It doesn’t matter what other people do, it only matters what kind of person you want to be.” I really took that to heart.  I want to share what I know with everyone, but if they won’t have it, move on!  They’ve taken nothing away from your path.

What do you say to Veg parents whose children don’t want to go vegan and don’t want to eat what their veg p

arents are eating?
Parents really need to gain back authority of their households. In France, there is no “kid” food. The kids eat everything adults do by the time they’re in kindergarten because eating is treated as joyful, adventurous, and social—and if the kids don’t want to eat something, they don’t make a big deal of it, but they don’t offer alternatives either. You make the purchases, you create the meals. Involve your kids in the process at the grocery store, in the kitchen, and in conversations where you discuss what you, your yourself, are learning about veganism, what’s at stake.   Make it fun and adventurous and

a family affair! It’s not about forcing or controlling, but giving your kids all the information they need to make educated choices. If there are “mishaps” at school or at a friends house, don’t make a big deal about it, just continue on.

Finally, what are some of your favorite meals for your family? 

Raw kale salads, hummus wraps, cacao smoothies, lots of avocados, and veggie soups galore!

Any parting thoughts?

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Check out Ruby’s quick video for her new book:

Also, leave us a comment below on why you would like V is for Vegan and we’ll choose three readers who will win an autographed copy of Ruby’s new baby/ book. ;-)



17 Responses to “Interview with the great children’s book writer, artist and planet champion, Ruby Roth!!”
  1. jenny says:

    THANK YOU so much for writing this book!!!! I cannot tell you how much I love love love this. My son is almost 2. I have raised him vegan (he was my inspiration to transition from veggie to vegan myself) and I just began wondering how exactly I was going to tell him “why” we are vegan. It’s an extremely powerful conversation to me, one that will impact his viewpoint on many things and so I feel that I have a great responsibility to introduce it to him gently yet in a way that communicates my beliefs to him. I want him to have the power to think for himself yet be educated and proud of this lifestyle. I want him to respect people who make other choices yet stand by his reasons for being vegan. I cannot wait to read this book and share it with him, it sounds fantastic.
    You ROCK!!!

  2. Heather says:

    I am raising a vegan daughter and we loved Ruby’s book “That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals.” I am very anxious to read this one to my daughter!

  3. Stevie says:

    How wonderful. I need to get these for my daughter. She’s three and transitioning to vegetarian, then vegan. We are always talking about compassion.

  4. I absolutely LOVE that you’ve gone and created such a perfect childrens book. Kids need to learn about being kind to animals at a young age, otherwise they’ll grow up being cruel and distasteful. Getting children to eat healthy and vegan is the way to go! Get at their stomachs through rhymes… You wpulda got me convinced if I weren’t already sold ;)

    Keep it up!

    Ashliegh Scott

  5. Molly says:

    So cute! I would love to read this to my kids. It seems like it would be a great tool to explain what Vegan means to a young audience.

  6. Michelle says:

    So cute..I love your books! I love that books like this are being published, I think it helps make it seem to those who aren’t on board with a Vegan lifestyle, that it may be “ok” or a “normal” way to choose to live. As a newly married girl with the thought of children in the semi near future, I am looking for all the material I can get my hands on to be be prepared. I would love my children to be Vegan along with me but I know it may not be the easiest to teach, for them to understand and to deal with the opinions from others, especially with a husband/dad who is not.

  7. Tonya Morris says:

    Love the art work, so precious! Can’t wait to read this to my two, vegan boys.

  8. Seba says:

    You are so smart and thoughtful! I WISH there were books like these when I was a kid, while my Mom was raising me as a Vegan since birth. What a Blessing you are to the children of today!

  9. Tiffany says:

    We are vegetarian, transitioning to vegan. I have many dietary restrictions due to an autoimmune disorder and I sometimes struggle staying on track. But I want to live a non-violent life and from a place of compassion and love for all beings. And this is what I want to teach my children as well. Its what they naturally gravitate toward anyway, I have found. We have Ruby’s book, That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals, and I think its a lovely way to introduce where food for the standard American diet comes from and why we choose not to participate. Many friends have questioned why I would “subject” my children to such “harsh” information so early. Which blows my mind, quite frankly. What could be more natural than knowing where your food comes from? And if you don’t want them to know where their food is coming from then maybe you’ve got the problem not me. I am so happy that Ruby Roth is doing the work she is and spreading the love in this way.

  10. I’m so excited about this new book! We are a vegan family with a 3 year old and one on the way this September!

    I’m also an organizer for Toronto Veg Families which aims to form community for veg families and those intereated in making the change!

  11. Jenn says:

    Love this book! We’re a blended family of 6, 2 kids vegan from birth, one allergic to dairy and eggs and one very reluctant but curious one who loves to read books and see pictures about why the rest of us won’t drink “her” milk. This book would be a great addition to the others that we already have!

  12. Amanda y says:

    What an excellent way to teach compassion. My baby is only 8 months but she will be raised vegan. Thank you for publishing a book for children!

  13. sara says:

    I am excited to read Ruby Roth’s new book. My 2 young vegan children loved reading her other two books. Her books help my children feel better about being vegan because being a vegan child can be filled with lots of questions and critizism. Especially for my son who is in 4th grade. She is an amazing author and knows how to speak to kids. My kids and I actually just finished reading ‘vegan is love’ while enjoying tofurky roll-ups for lunch.

  14. I have two friends, both vegan since birth, a sister and a brother, one age 5 and one age 2. I would like to gift them with a copy of V is for Vegan … and leave it at our vegan visitor center. Soul, the 5 year old, is learning to read and I think it would be a fun book to learn to read with! When Soul ate lunch at playschool with his nonvegan friends…he never wanted what they were eating and he happily shared his avocado and crackers with them. He seems to get why he is vegan and agrees with it. He told me last summer as we were standing by a river, “If he saw a hunter, I would throw his gun in the river!”

  15. Teri says:

    I would love this book for my almost 2 year old daughter. She has been raised vegan so far. She has a vegan mommy, two vegetarian sisters, and a carnivore Daddy.

  16. I didn’t realize this was the THIRD children’s book about veganism by author Ruby Roth. She is doing a HUGE service for the human and other animal species we share this lovely Garden planet with! I LOVE children’s books and still read them even though my “baby” is now 34! Thank Goodness for grandchildren!I cannot wait to see these books and hope they are enlightening and happy as the cover seems to illustrate. Thank You for writing them, Ruby!!! (The 3 exclamation marks are for the 3 sons we raised without meat…)

  17. Jo-Anne says:

    Lover of the blog- in Cananda though… So will be buying the book instead of trying to win it first :0)
    I look forward to reading it with/to my three vegan children- who make veganism so important to me and themselves. The things they come up with about being vegan always surprises me and they really are my idols!

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